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Advanced Physical Therapy
for Knee and Hip Pain

  • Do I need a knee replacement or hip surgery? 
  • How long is the recovery after a knee replacement?
  •  Can knee or hip arthritis be treated without surgery? 
  • What are the biggest limitations after knee replacement?
  • How can I have the best outcomes after surgery? 

Why Our Physical Therapy in Maple Lawn Stands Out

Our experienced physical therapists are specially trained in treating patients before and after knee or hip replacement surgery.  Our clients often ask if surgery can be avoided for knee arthritis or hip arthritis. For some clients, surgery may be avoidable depending on several factors including but not entirely limited to strength, motion, and stability of the joint.  

We boast being one of the few multi-specialty certified clinics in the region.  This makes us uniquely qualified to treat both simple and complex joint replacements. We have also achieved success when multiple surgeries have been performed due to complications within the same joint. 

More about our physical therapy clinic in Fulton, MD


Best Patient Comfort

We provide the highest level of patient-centered care to achieve the best outcomes. 


High Profile Doctors

Our physical therapists are fellowship-trained and board certified in orthopedics and sports. 


High End Treatment

We stay on the leading edge of treatments when it comes to knee or hip replacements.

Our Fields of Specialization

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    Total Knee Replacement
  • check-square-o
    Total Hip Replacement
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    Meniscus Repair or Menisectomy
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    ACL Reconstruction
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    Knee Arthritis & Hip Arthritis 
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    Tendinopathy & Dislocations

What Our Patients Have to Say

Raj was just great..his demeanor was outstanding. I got back on the racquetball court mid-April after having both knees replaced.  I was expecting to stay out till September. I recommend him highly to anyone who really wants to get back to doing the things they used to.  He's the man that can get you back. 

W. Bostic 

I can say that I feel great, my joints are functioning well, and I had a blast! ...He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, tolerant, flexible, and kind. His facility is spacious, well equipped, and clean. He plays music to make you feel good, distracts you to ignore the pain, understands you well enough to make you laugh, and celebrates your victories with enthusiasm. His commitment to excellence is obvious..

A. Lee 

Our Approach in a Nutshell 

While much progress has been made in orthopedic surgery for treatment of knee and hip osteoarthritis, the exact response to the procedure performed is not 100% predictable. Our goal at 360 is to come up with a plan that is specific to you and your needs. 

thorough history review

Identifying why you came to need the surgery in the first place. You might be surprised.

assessment & planning

Identifying obstacles, outlining your goals and outlining the pathway for success.  This is about you!

1-on-1 tailored rehab

We work 1-on-1 with you to bring your goals to reality. No Techs!

Physical Therapy in Maple Lawn

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