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What You Get

Segmental Examination

A thorough functional assessment of the knee joint is absolutely critical when forming a plan for successful return to function.  Regardless of injury or overuse, a misstep can result in increased pain and longer periods of limitation. 

Custom Treatments

Our doctors are board certified clinical specialists unlike most other therapists. They work 1-on-1 , providing the highest level of evidence-informed treatments to address knee pain from a variety of different causes. 

Structured Progressions  

Progress through the course of treatment is based on your response. We are constantly monitoring our client's response to avoid setbacks and optimize their function.

Dr. Kumar recently helped me rehabilitate from a second ACL reconstruction on the same knee. The care I received was phenomenal.

Jesse Noppenberger

Knee pain solutions for all ages.


Knee pain treatment in kids varies depending on cause and symptoms. While some discomfort may be due to growth, some conditions affect kids more commonly than other ages. 


Older children and adolescents typically experience knee pain due to a variety of causes, most of which are a result of activity, sports participation, or trauma as a result of accidents or falls.


Adults typically experience knee pain due to overuse, injury, age-related arthritic changes or trauma. The most common cause of knee pain in elderly is osteoarthritis of the knee joint. 

Real Solutions, Real Results

We take into account your specific situation and goals for physical therapy. Prior to starting a course of treatment to address any knee problem, conservative or post-surgical,  we develop a practical plan of action and follow through step-by-step. Challenges are met head-on and modifications are made when necessary.

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What makes our approach different

  • 1
    We are clinical board certified specialists in orthopedics and sports.
  • 2
    Clients receive one-on-one treatment from a physical therapist. 
  • 3
    No cookbook approaches. Only customized treatments for all of our clients.

They say

Older man with tennis racket returning to play

My knee replacement recovery has gone very well due to the excellent physical therapy I received at 360 Physical Therapy & Wellness. Rajat was great to work with and I really enjoyed the therapy sessions and the atmosphere he created at my sessions.

Joseph Sprague

From our first evaluation, Raj made me feel comfortable and assured that I was in the right place. Not only is he knowledgeable about his craft, but he treats his patients as if they were family.

Pauline Haynes

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