Insurance Information

360 Physical Therapy & Wellness works with some but not all insurance carriers. Please contact us at 301.957.2564 for any questions you have on insurance and rates. Treatment packages are available for all clients, regardless of whether you have insurance, or whether we participate with your insurance provider. You shouldn’t be limited from receiving the best care possible based on your insurance provider.

What does this mean? Dr. Kumar provides the highest level of comprehensive, evidence informed , and client centered physical therapy services. Often, insurance companies can dictate the terms of how those services are provided. We believe that our clients deserve the highest quality of care, and that shouldn’t be limited by the insurance you have. Therefore, if we are not paneled with your insurance directly, upon request, we can provide receipts for your insurance provider to reimburse you for any services that you have received with appropriate codes.

Did you know? The rise in copays and deductibles may actually result in you paying more for services covered by your insurance than paying out of pocket.

If you have not met your deductible, you will likely have to pay the full balance of each therapy visit until you meet it. This will add up over time, and depending on your insurance provider, you may receive a massive bill at the end of your cycle of care. If you have a high deductible, you may benefit from getting one of our pre-paid packages, which not only reduces your costs, but also puts you in charge of the kind of care you seek to receive. In fact, some insured clients without deductibles find our pre-paid packages to be more satisfying and cost-saving. We have a variety of treatment packages and payment options available.

I'm healthier and have a better outlook on life.

The 360 team is wonderful. Raj is super knowledgeable but what sets him apart is the care he takes to get to know each patient as a whole being. My surgeon is impressed with my recovery. More important: I'm healthier and have a better outlook on life.

Kara Calder Professional Executive Coach

I am lifting heavier than I ever have!

I suffered from terrible back pain due to an injury I sustained from lifting weights. Thanks to Dr. Raj, I am feeling so much better and have been injury-free. Dr. Raj completely exceeded my expectations! Not only did he work with me in-office, but he made sure to follow up and, and gave me extra articles and information (and exercises) to look over -very thorough. I still use the exercises he gave me, and now, I am lifting heavier than I ever have! He restored me mentally as well as physically! Thank you Raj!

Erin Cooper Pro Bodybuilder

Dr. Kumar and his staff have been a major driving force..

I received physical therapy from 360 Physical Therapy & Wellness in 2018 after shoulder surgery. Dr. Kumar and his staff have been a major driving force in helping me get back to "normal". His knowledge, friendly demeanor, attention to detail, and sincere caring of his patients shines through quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Kumar and 360. I will be forever grateful for his help.

Brian Tarantino Engineer

Patient Information

New Patient Packet

This document contains all forms you need as a new patient. Individual forms are available, as well.

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Intake Form

This form asks of your general information.

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Release of Information

This form authorizes the release of necessary information to your insurance company for the payment of the services rendered.

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Assignment of Benefits

This form provides your physical therapist with further information concerning your insurance policy.

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Pre-Examination Form

This form provides your physical therapist with information concerning your medical state and history.

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Pain Report Forms

Disabilities of the Arm,
Shoulder & Hand

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Oswestry Disability Index for
Back Pain

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Upper Extremity
Functional Index

Open PDF file

The Lower Extremity
Functional Scale

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Neck Disability

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