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Healthy aging requires a delicate balance between stability, strength, and mobility. We provide comprehensive care including services such as:
Arthritis therapy, balance & vestibular training, stroke rehabilitation, gait reeducation, and Parkinson's disease management.

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Joseph Sprague
Joseph Sprague
13:16 10 Jul 19
My knee replacement recovery has gone very well due to the excellent physical therapy I received at 360 Physical Therapy & Wellness. Rajat was great to work with and I really enjoyed the therapy sessions and the atmosphere he created at my sessions. I would highly recommend him!read more
Dan Bryan
Dan Bryan
15:34 25 May 19
I'v been going here for the past 3 months and it has been great. During my initial visit, Raj sat down with me to learn and understand why i was there. He also ran me through some movement assessments to determine and additional remediation's that can be combined with my rehab plan to get optimal value out of each session. I think one of the most important things outside of sound medical advice, is an energetic positive environment which this places totally has. Between the friendliness of the staff, the community events, and even little things like getting to choose which music is playing during your sessions make it joy to visit. Check this place out!read more
Britni DeCastro
Britni DeCastro
20:34 12 May 19
My grandmother received treatment at 360 Physical Therapy and Wellness and had such a great experience that she wanted to leave a review: "I was referred to Raj through a family member after I had knee replacement surgery. From our first evaluation, Raj made me feel comfortable and assured that I was in the right place. Not only is he knowledgeable about his craft, but he treats his patients as if they were family. I never felt intimidated coming into our sessions or fear completing my exercises because I had complete trust in Raj and his capabilities. I'm happy to say that after four months of therapy with Dr. Raj, I am moving better, feeling better and am more confident in my movements. Raj is a genuine and kind individual who's passion for his work comes through at all times. I have such confidence in Raj and this clinic and wish it all the best! If you're looking for a place to get physical therapy, Dr. Raj is a great option. " - Ms. Paulineread more
Walter Zakorchemny
Walter Zakorchemny
09:45 08 May 19
I had shoulder and neck issues and was looking for a local therapist for rehab and I found the best. I have been to many rehab session in the last 5 years but the personalized attention and detailed explanation of each muscle and exercise and how it will help with the pain I was experiencing. I am not off on my own using the plan that Raj designed for me with good more
Joyce Cochran
Joyce Cochran
15:21 04 May 19
I have been attending Rock Steady Boxing at 360 Physical Therapy and Wellness for six months. I thoroughly enjoy the classes! Raj is a very professional and skilled instructor and knows just how hard to push each of us as he recognizes our strengths as well as our challenges . He makes the classes fun and enjoyable by promoting camaraderie. But they are very therapeutic and challenging as well. As a person who never thought I would be a boxer, I highly recommend this class for anyone with Parkinson’s!read more
Marla Peoples
Marla Peoples
03:27 26 Apr 19
I was referred to 360 Physical Therapy by a client and after years of trying everything, I was hesitant to try PT again. As soon as I finished my first appointment with Raj, I knew I was at the right place and was confident Raj would help me. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what he’s thinking and how he’s going to address the pain/issue. His therapeutic approach and exercise instruction was a perfect balance of what I needed and I’m happy to be pain free for the first time in more
donna heller
donna heller
02:39 23 Apr 19
I’ve been attending Rock Steady Boxing at 360 Physical Therapy and Wellness for the past four months. Dr. Raj Kumar is interested in each participant's personal well-being and is dedicated to our success and progress. He designs the program in compliance with Rock Steady Boxing guidelines and modifies the exercises to our individual health issues and Parkinson’s status. Raj varies the format for each class while maintaining the concentration in cardiac development, strength building including core strength and balance. Many of us have commented on how fortunate we are to have a registered physical therapist, of Raj's caliber, guiding our program and more
Bill Bostic
Bill Bostic
18:34 17 Apr 19
Raj is a great physical therapist. He explains what the exercises/routines are doing to provide more range of motion or strengthen the areas of the body that needs the physical therapy. He has a great attitude and sense of humor but most of all he knows his craft. He got me back on the racquetball court after having both of knees replaced in January 2017. My range of motion has improved immensely from my latest physical therapy needed for my right elbow after the removal of 3 iceberg looking bone spurs. I recommend highly anyone who needs a Physical Therapist, Raj is your guy. Not only is he a great PT, he is a great person as more
Daniel Hunt
Daniel Hunt
13:07 08 Apr 19
Raj is very knowledgeable. I was there for a rare hip condition and from Day 1 I was comfortable at 360 and knew I was in the right place. Each session built upon the prior one and I got the results I was there for. Thanks more
DeDi Oxenberg
DeDi Oxenberg
11:32 07 Apr 19
Dr Raj is great! He pushes you just hard enough to help you get the results you want and progress needed to recover! He was fun, flexible and professional. I love that it's just him and how well he knows all his more
Thomas Cosentino
Thomas Cosentino
20:54 02 Apr 19
I've been attending the Rocksteady program at 360 physical therapy for about 6 months now. Raj has a vested interest in each and every one of his boxers. He knows who we are he knows what our condition is and he provides a fun environment in which we can exercise together box together and have fun together. The fact that I can only give him five stars is a shame because I should give him 10 Stars or more
Gregory Cooper
Gregory Cooper
14:49 31 Mar 19
Raj is a fantastic physical therapist. He is skilled and knowledgeable. He works with his patients to find the best the therapy course and utilizes a variety of techniques such as stretching, hot/cold therapy, message, and exercise equipment. He has lots of different stretches and will work with you to find the stretches that work best for you and will make sure you are doing the stretches in the right way. The thing that really separates Raj from other medical professionals is that he really cares about each and every one of his patients. He has a plan for each patient that comes in, but before he starts each session he asks patients how they are doing that day. He then will adjust his plan based on how the patient is feeling. If you aren't making the progress that he expects he will ask questions and adjust the treatment if necessary. He will also take the time to listen to you and answer your questions so you can help your own treatment as much as possible. The atmosphere is very positive. Anneliese is also great and very helpful with insurance and any other issues I have had. I highly recommend Raj and 360 Physical more
Morgan Miller
Morgan Miller
14:44 22 Feb 19
360 Physical Therapy is the absolute best! Raj is so knowledgeable, and caters your sessions specifically to your needs. It didn't take long to see that he genuinely cares about his patient's well-being. I'm so happy with the progress I've made after an IT band injury, and I owe it to Raj! I will definitely come back for any future physical therapy needs. He pushed me, understood my limitations, and also made coming to PT fun!read more
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360 Physical Therapy is the absolute best! Raj is so knowledgeable and caters your sessions specifically to your needs. It didn't take long to see that he genuinely cares about his patients' well-being. I'm so happy with the progress I've made after an IT band injury and I owe it to Raj!
Morgan Miller wins 3 medals in marathon
Morgan Miller
I scheduled several appointments with milestones of goals and achievements. Over a couple of months, I reached my goal and have never felt better. I would recommend anyone with pain to contact 360 Physical Therapy & Wellness as soon as possible.  
Image of satisfied client at 360 Physical Therapy & Wellness
Jeff Kendall
I was involved in a very serious car accident and sustained a severe foot and ankle injury. Thanks to Dr. Kumar I made a complete recovery and have returned to taking dance classes 3 times a week. I would highly recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone.
Robbie Robinson

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Our doctors are board certified in orthopedics and sports. Dr. Kumar is one of only a few physical therapists in Howard County that is also fellowship-trained.

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We have access to the highest quality rehabilitation tools and equipment to serve our clients' needs.

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